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Aygestin is a brand name for the generic drug norethindrone acetate. It is a combination of estrogen and progestin which is prescribed for the treatment of the absence of menstrual periods, irregular periods due to a hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, an more...

Breast Biopsy (tests)

BREAST BIOPSY DEFINITION A breast biopsy test is a procedure that takes a small sample of breast tissue for testing at a laboratory. This type of biopsy is the best method available in determining whether or not a suspicious area in your breast is malignant. BREAST BIOPSY PURPOSE A breast biopsy is usually more...

Breast Exam (tests)

BREAST EXAM DEFINITION A breast exam is the self-examination of your own breasts to see if it's healthy and doesn't contain any lumps that may indicate the presence of a malignant cancer or tumor. Although this test was once essential in early detection of cancer, it's nowadays merely optional. BREAST EXAM PURPOSE Doing more...

Breast MRI (tests)

BREAST MRI DEFINITION A breast MRI scan (also known as a breast magnetic resonance screening scan) is a test used to detect if a patient has breast cancer or not. The MRI takes multiple pictures of your breasts and combines them into generate a more detailed picture that will tell whether more...

Cancer (diseases)

Cancer is one of the scariest words in the English language. In so many ways, cancer is a non-discriminatory disease. It strikes children, women, men, health fanatics, young, old, and anyone in between. The word cancer conjures up images of balding heads, nausea and vomiting, radiation treatments, and death. Cancer more...