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Loxitane is a brand name for the generic drug loxapine. It is used to treat certain mental or mood disorders, such as schizophrenia. It is prescribed to help people think more clearly, to feel less nervous, and to participate more fully in daily activit more...

Mammary glands (anatomy)

MAMMARY GLANDS ANATOMY Mammary glands are located inside the breasts of sexually mature female body. They are in actuality modified sweat glands which are in fact comprised of secretory mammary alveoli and the appropriate ducts. Mammory glands are considered to be part of the integumentary system rather than the reproductive system. more...

Mammogram (tests)

MAMMOGRAM DEFINITION A mammogram is a special x-ray examination performed on the breasts to help find tumors that are too small to be felt. It is a radiographic method that uses a special x-ray equipment to detect breast cancer in its early stages. MAMMOGRAM PURPOSE A mammogram is often required if there are more...

Mastectomy (tests)

MASTECTOMY DEFINITION A mastectomy is a surgical procedure where one or both breasts are removed either to prevent or to treat breast cancer. For those who have early stage breast cancer, mastectomy is but one option. MASTECTOMY PURPOSE Mastectomy is often performed to remove all breast tissues after they are found to have more...

Mumps (diseases)

Mumps, also called epidemic parotisis, used to be a very common disease in the United States, but it has not been very widespread since the vaccine was approved in 1967. Mumps do, however, still occur in outbreaks in the United States, and are common in other parts of the more...