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Cervical nerve plexus (anatomy)

CERVICAL NERVE PLEXUS ANATOMY Deep in the side of the neck, just even with the initial 4 cervical vertebrate, there lies the cervical plexus. The anterior rami of the initial 4 cervical nerves designate the nerve fibers which create this particular plexus. The cervical plexus creates numerous branches and then innervate more...

Contraception (diseases)

Contraception varies greatly and which method of contraception is best for a patient is a personal decision. A patient’s health, level of sexual activity, their desire or lack of desire to have children, or more children, and what they find affordable all factors into their decision of which method of more...

Dysmenorrhea (diseases)

Dysmenorrhea is a menstrual condition associated with pain and discomfort due to frequent and severe menstrual cramping. Dysmenorrhea comes in two forms which are either primary or secondary. Over half of all women have experienced it wherein 5% to 15% of them have extreme pain experiences that often interfere with more...

Endometrial carcinoma (diseases)

Endometrial Carcinoma pertains to a type of malignant cancer of the endometrium or the uterus lining. In the United States, Endometrial Cancer is among the most prevalent of gynecologic carcinomas, affecting nearly 38,000 women annually, an equivalent of 6% of all malignant cancers that occur among women. This disease is more...



Epoetin alfa is a synthetic drug used for the treatment of anemia. This is a synthetically produced erythropoietin, which aids the body in increasing the number of red blood cells in the system. Epoetin alfa belongs to a certain class of drugs known as co more...