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Arcalion is a brand name for sulbutiamine, and can come in tablet form, gel capsule, or loose powder that many people measure or capsulize for themselves. It is usually taken in the morning, with effects that last all day. more...

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (diseases)

When a person experiences extreme tiredness that isn’t alleviated by rest or sleep, that person may very well have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or CFS. This type of illness makes sufferers feel constantly fatigued on a day-to-day basis, despite periods of rest or sleep. In fact, the syndrome impedes the way more...

Mouth diseases (diseases)

Mouth disease is a very serious problem in the United States. Not all companies carry dental insurance, and dental work is not covered under medical insurance despite the fact that neglected dental work can lead to serious health complications. Since dental work is very expensive, a very high percentage of more...

Muscle aches (diseases)

Muscle aches are a common symptom experienced by all people of all races. It is also known as myalgia or muscle pain which involves one or more muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, soft connective tissues, bones and organs. The symptom basically can stem from a variety of diseases and conditions. Muscle more...

Osteomalacia (diseases)

A person with Osteomalacia is said to have “soft bones”. This condition occurs when there is a mineral deficiency or dysfunction in the bone protein matrix known as the osteoid. Primarily composed of collagen, when the osteoid fails to mineralize, the bone's growth plates start to thicken, as well as more...