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Anesthesia (diseases)

Anesthesia is an chemical used in the process of creating complete unconsciousness for the purposes of performing a medical procedure on a living creature. Anesthesia is made of two chemical bases, one to paralyze the body and one to induce a coma-like state. The use of anesthesia in medical procedures more...

Angina pectoris (diseases)

Angina pectoris is severe pain, sometimes described as crushing, which is manifested as a pressure or suffocating feeling just behind the breastbone. This pressure is caused by a lack of oxygen to the heart and is the result of coronary heart disease. Over time, one or more of more...

Angioedema (diseases)

Angioedema is a skin problem. It is basically the swelling of the skin similar, but not equivalent, to hives. The main difference between Angioedema and hives is that, the former occurs beneath the skin while the latter occurs on the surface of the skin. Angioedema may occur with or without hives, more...

Anorexia (diseases)

Anorexia, also known as anorexia nervosa, is a disorder in which the sufferer does not recognize their own true body’s appearance, and continuously starves themselves or restricts food intake to lose weight. An anorexic does not need to be terribly underweight, although doctors tend to diagnose anorexia once the patient more...



Ansaid is commonly prescribed to alleviate the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Ansaid is part of the family of medications known as NSAID pain relievers, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which target the hormones in the body which more...