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CA 125 Test (tests)

CA 125 TEST DEFINITION Cancer antigen 125 (CA 125) is a type of protein in your blood. In turn, a CA 125 test measures the amount of this protein in your blood. It can be used to find out if you have a certain condition or to determine if a particular more...

Dysmenorrhea (diseases)

Dysmenorrhea is a menstrual condition associated with pain and discomfort due to frequent and severe menstrual cramping. Dysmenorrhea comes in two forms which are either primary or secondary. Over half of all women have experienced it wherein 5% to 15% of them have extreme pain experiences that often interfere with more...

Endometriosis (diseases)

The endometrium is the name of the tissue that lines the uterus. Endometriosis is the condition that occurs when the endometrium grows in areas of the body where it is not supposed to. This can cause significant pain, irregular bleeding, and quite possibly infertility. In most cases of endometriosis, the more...



Estrace is the brand name for the drug estradiol. Estradiol comes in many different forms, including gel, vaginal cream, vaginal ring, and tablets. Estrace is in the class of drugs called estrogens, which means that they use the female hormone es more...

Menstrual cramps (diseases)

Being a woman is not always easy. From the age of puberty until she reaches menopause, a woman has to deal with her monthly menstrual flow and the cramps that usually go with it. Menstrual cramps affect over 50% of menstruating women. Of these number, around 15% experience severe cramping. The more...