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Hernia (diseases)

Hernias occur when a part of the body’s tissues or a portion of an organ starts to protrude out of the membrane lining or muscle which confines it. While hernias are most commonly associated with the abdominal wall, they also appear elsewhere in the body. HERNIA SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS A person’s abdomen more...

Muscles involved in knee motion (anatomy)

MUSCLES INVOLVED IN KNEE MOTION ANATOMY The muscles which are responsible for knee movement as they relate to the thigh all originate along the pelvic girdle or the thigh. The fascia lata and the iliotibital tract each yield continuations known as fascial sheets. These fascial sheets surround and even segregate these more...

Neuropathy (diseases)

The nerves are the biological wires that transport motor messages from the brain to the muscles, as well as send back sensory information from the muscles to the brain. When a person suffers from Neuropathy, it is often caused by an underlying disease. NEUROPATHY SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS In itself, Neuropathy is not more...

Tibiofemoral joint (anatomy)

TIBIOFEMORAL JOINT ANATOMY Positioned between the femur and the tibia rests the largest and most vulnerable joint in the human body. The knee is by far the most complicated joint as well. The complexity of the joint is primarily due to its ability to provide hinge movement and to provide supple more...