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Alefacept is an immune suppressive drug that can control the inflammation due to severe psoriasis. Clinical studies are being conducted to determine if it can effectively treat T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. more...

Brand name(s): Amevive,


Alemtuzumab is a drug used in treating certain types of leukemia, the B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. It is also known to be a good drug for bone marrow and kidney transplantation. The drug has been clinically tested for treating multiple sclerosis a more...

Brand name(s): Campath,

Allergic rhinitis (diseases)

Allergic rhinitis is commonly called hay fever. Hay fever is also sometimes referred to as seasonal allergies, which can be triggered by the change of seasons, more specifically the changes in mold, pollen, and dander count in the air. Allergic rhinitis is one of the most common health problems in more...

Allergies (diseases)

Allergies are a very common medical issue. Allergies can range anywhere from relatively mild to severe enough to require emergency medical attention. Allergies, such as air born allergies, are typically the body’s reaction to an irritant such as dust, molds, pet dander, or pollen. Food allergies can often cause serious more...

Alopecia (diseases)

Alopecia, which is also known as hair loss, can strike men, women, and occasionally teenagers. Alopecia can lead to either partial or complete hair loss. Alopecia may develop gradually. The patient may lose their hair very slowly over time, in patches or chunks around the head, or in patches and more...