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Acromegaly (diseases)

Growth hormones are natural occurrences in a human being. It is significant in the development of the body. However, growth hormones must be produced under regulated terms otherwise, they could cause serious disorders that distort a person’s features. Acromegaly disease is a common effect of excessive growth hormone (HGH) levels. The more...



Actonel is an osteoporosis pill that is said to treat the condition as well as prevent it. It belongs to the class of drugs known as bisophonates. It works by modifying bone formation and its breakdown in the body preventing fractures in the process. Acto more...

Acute Coronary Syndrome (diseases)

Acute Coronary Syndrome is a term used to describe the clinical symptoms associated with acute myocardial ischemia, which results from the lack of sufficient blood supply to the heart muscles. ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS Acute Coronary Syndrome points toward an inevitable problem that has to do with a person's more...

Angina pectoris (diseases)

Angina pectoris is severe pain, sometimes described as crushing, which is manifested as a pressure or suffocating feeling just behind the breastbone. This pressure is caused by a lack of oxygen to the heart and is the result of coronary heart disease. Over time, one or more of more...

Blood clots (diseases)

Blood clots are formed as a natural reaction of the body to bleeding. Whenever a vein or artery is damaged from cuts, abrasions or wounds, the body immediately starts a clot forming in order to seal the opening in the skin to prevent further bleeding. The clotting process begins when more...