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Endometriosis (diseases)

The endometrium is the name of the tissue that lines the uterus. Endometriosis is the condition that occurs when the endometrium grows in areas of the body where it is not supposed to. This can cause significant pain, irregular bleeding, and quite possibly infertility. In most cases of endometriosis, the more...

Menstrual cramps (diseases)

Being a woman is not always easy. From the age of puberty until she reaches menopause, a woman has to deal with her monthly menstrual flow and the cramps that usually go with it. Menstrual cramps affect over 50% of menstruating women. Of these number, around 15% experience severe cramping. The more...

Myomectomy (tests)

MYOMECTOMY DEFINITION A myomectomy is a procedure that will help improve a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. It is the surgical process of removing fibroids from the uterus so the uterus is kept in place, making pregnancy more likely. MYOMECTOMY PURPOSE A myomectomy is primarily done to help women get pregnant. Although it more...

Peritoneal fluid excess (diseases)

In medical terms, Peritoneal fluid excess is also known as abdominal dropsy, hydro peritoneum, ascites and peritoneal cavity fluid. PERITONEAL FLUID EXCESS SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS Peritoneal fluid excess is the presence of excess fluid in the abdominal tissues and organs particularly in the peritoneal cavity. The abdominal membrane Peritoneum has two layers: more...