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Dental extraction (diseases)

Exodontia, or dental extraction is a process by which a tooth is removed or uprooted from the gums. There are several reasons for tooth extraction, and among the most common is the incidence of tooth decay. When tooth decay has progressed to a certain extent such that it has completely more...

Facial bones (anatomy)

FACIAL BONES ANATOMY The skull is additionally comprised of fourteen bones which make up the face. The facial bones do not touch the brain but are still considered part of the skull. Some cranial bones meet with the facial bones to give each individual a varying form, the frame work from more...



Klacid has proven to be as potent and safe as erythromycin. It is also more active in treating bacteria of other types that other alternative antibiotics may not be able to handle. The adverse reactions and drug interactions should also be considered to r more...

Stomatitis (diseases)

Stomatitis basically means inflammation of the mouth. But to be more specific, stomatitis is the inflammation of the mucous lining of the mouth which may include the gums, tongue, cheeks, lips and the floor or roof of the mouth. There are different types of stomatitis and classification is based on more...