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Manufactured under the brand name Vermox, Mebendazole is a drug commonly used to address worm infections of the intestine. This includes infections with pinworms, roundworms and hook worms. Generally, Mebendazole works by killing parasites in the body. Mo more...

Brand name(s): Vermox,

Muscle injuries (diseases)

Muscle injuries are a wide range of conditions that can affect the skeletal muscles of the body as a result of external forces. As they facilitate movement, accidents or overuse can cause muscles to be strained, causing them to experience swelling, bruising or even tearing. Muscle injuries vary in severity, more...



Prednisone is a synthetic corticosteroid that can be taken orally, via pills or liquid suspension, or through intramuscular injections. It is a synthetic steroid hormone that mimics cortisol and is primarily used for its suppressive effect on inflammation more...

Brand name(s): Deltasone,

STD Testing (tests)

STD TESTING DEFINITION STD testing is an umbrella term for different testing techniques that will help diagnose sexually transmitted diseases. STD TESTING PURPOSE An STD testing is done in many different ways. This is suggested if your doctor suspects a specific condition. Prior to testing, your risk factors for a particular STD will more...

Toothache (diseases)

A toothache or odontalgia refers to the pain experienced near the teeth and jaw area. It is not a disease in itself but rather the pain caused by a number of conditions. It is caused by the irritation of the nerve root of a tooth, although tooth decay and infection more...