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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (diseases)

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is clinically referred to as the Stein-Leventhal Syndrome, and more commonly as PCOS or PCO. It is an ailment that affects the endocrine system and afflicts around 10% of the female population, regardless of race or nationality. It is a hormonal condition that is characterized by an more...

Prostate cancer (diseases)

The prostate is a small gland, shaped a little bit like a walnut, the rests in the male reproductive system and is responsible for producing semen. Cancer of the prostate, which is on the rise, is the attack of cancerous cells which attack this gland. Prostate cancer and an enlarged more...



Pyrisept is prescribed to women to avoid premature ovulation especially while controlled ovarian stimulation is occurring. Pyrisept is distributed under the brand name Cetrodine by Merck Serono. It is primarily used to treat patients suffering from hormon more...

Rickets (diseases)

Without vitamin D, the body is unable to absorb calcium and phosphorus and use it to strengthen bones, especially in growing bodies. Rickets is the condition caused, typically in children, where the bones soften usually due to a lack of vitamin D. The body will react to a vitamin D more...

Std (diseases)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases are alternatively referred to as Venereal Diseases and Social Diseases. STDs are passed from person to person via intimate sexual contact. Intimate sexual contact includes sexual intercourse, oral sex, anal sex, and same sex sexual contact where body fluids are exchanged. Some Sexually Transmitted Diseases can be more...