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Omifin is used to treat infertility among female patients and works by stimulating increased hormones vital to the growth and release of mature eggs for ovulation. Omifin is available in tablet form and marketed under the brand names Clomin, Omifin, Sero more...

Ovarian cancer (diseases)

A woman has two ovaries which are responsible for the production of eggs and are about the size of two almonds. The ovaries also produce hormones that women need in order to bear children and maintain a specific level of health. Ovarian cancer is the production of cancerous cells within more...

Pelvic Exam (tests)

PELVIC EXAM DEFINITION A pelvic exam is a physical examination that will help evaluate the position and size of a woman’s vagina, uterus, cervix, and ovaries. PELVIC EXAM PURPOSE A thorough pelvic examination is usually done as a preventive measure for some of the common diseases in women. It also helps detect cancer, more...

Pelvic girdle (anatomy)

PELVIC GIRDLE ANATOMY The pelvic girdle is created by two hip bones that come together and join at the symphysis pubis to create the girdle which provides support as well as protection for the lower visceral organs. The hip bones are usually referred to as the ossa coxae. The pelvic girdle more...

Peritonitis (diseases)

Peritonitis occurs when the peritoneum, a thin membranous tissue that covers the walls of the stomach, intestines and other organs in the abdominal cavity, becomes inflamed. This inflammation is caused by a bacterial infection. Although the peritoneum's job is to reinforce the abdominal organs and guard against infection, there are more...