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Diphtheria (diseases)

Several decades ago, a highly infectious disease that affected the nose and throat was one of the highest cause of death in children. Because of immunization drives against the disease in the 1930’s, it has been all but totally wiped out today. DIPHTHERIA CAUSES This infectious disease is called diphtheria, which is more...

Pharynx (anatomy)

PHARYNX ANATOMY The pharynx is responsible for adjoining the nasal cavity and the oral cavity to the larynx (which belongs to the respiratory system) and the esophagus (which belongs to the digestive system. It is approximately 13 centimeters long and is the shape of a funnel. Skeletal muscle creates the walls more...

Vasculitis (diseases)

Vasculitis, or angiitis, belongs to a group of diseases which cause inflammation of the body’s blood vessels. It is a disorder in which the body’s immune system inadvertently targets blood vessels which result in inflammation. All blood vessels are affected by this disease, from the aorta, the body’s largest and more...