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Ascites (diseases)

Ascites is actually one of the symptoms caused by liver disease. The organs in our abdomen are lined with membranes. Ascites occurs when the fluid between these membranes are in excess. A doctor may describe this as having a lot of fluid in your peritoneal cavity. For women, the normal more...

Blood (anatomy)

BLOOD ANATOMY Blood is categorized as connective tissue. It is in fact highly specialized and is created by formed elements. These formed elements include erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets which are also known as thrombocytes. These elements are carried in the plasma, the liquid form of blood. These elements are responsible for more...

Blood disorders (diseases)

Blood disorders are marginally rare, one of the few diseases that some physicians can go through an entire career without witnessing, but well known enough to be diagnosable and treatable by nearly any physician who witnesses one. Researchers are constantly looking at new and improved methods of blood disorder treatments. BLOOD more...



Bosentan is a medication commonly used to treat people suffering from a high blood pressure in the lungs, or termed as Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH). This drug causes the arteries in the patient’s lungs to expand and contract to decrease the press more...

Brand name(s): Tracleer,

Cachexia (diseases)

Cachexia is a debilitating disease usually associated with cancer, certain infectious diseases, and other autoimmune disorders. The disease is also related to addiction to drugs such as: amphetamines or cocaine. In general terms, Cachexia is described as the physical wasting due to massive weight loss and muscle mass or atrophy more...