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Allergy Skin Tests (tests)

ALLERGY SKIN TESTS DEFINITION An allergy skin test involves the testing of which allergy-causing substances (allergens) you're allergic to or not by exposing your skin to these suspected agents. You're then observed for any signs of allergic reaction (redness, wheals, eczema, and so forth). It'll confirm whether or not a certain more...

Kawasaki disease (diseases)

Kawasaki Disease is a rare form of vasculitis disease which usually occurs during childhood. The name came from the person who founded it in 1967, Dr. Tomisaku Kawasaki from Japan. The condition is also known as mucocutaneous node disease, lymph node syndrome, Kawasaki syndrome or infantile polyarteritis. It affects several more...



There is no cure for HIV or AIDS but Nevirapine seems to be providing some light and hope to afflicted individuals. Find out more how the drug can manage and control the symptoms. Nevirapine is the generic name of the drug which belongs to a class called more...

Brand name(s): Viramune,

Rosacea (diseases)

Rosacea is an inflammatory disease that causes redness of the face. Some of its symptoms can be mistaken for acne, such as the small red pus-filled bumps or pustules, and is even called adult acne or acne rosacea. It is, however, quite different from the pimples and blackheads more...

Sarcoidosis (diseases)

Sarcoidosis is the result of an immune system malfunction which most often attacks men and women between the ages of 20 and 40. Sarcoidosis can either disappear as mysteriously at it came within two to three years of its initial onset, last a lifetime, or become a serious and fatal more...