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Addiction (diseases)

There is a significant difference between a drug addiction and a drug dependency. Addiction is a mental and physical dependency on a substance while dependency is the body’s natural response to having a medication introduced for a period of time, which creates the body’s belief that it needs the substance more...

Alcoholism (diseases)

Alcoholism is typically considered either a form of dependence or a form of abuse. Alcoholics who are dependent tend to use alcohol to function, to get through their day, and often don’t appear to be inebriated. Alcoholics who abuse alcohol drink too much, and too often, and vary their behavior. more...



Campral, also known by the generic name of acamprosate, is a medicine used to treat alcohol dependence. It is believed to stabilize the chemical imbalance in the brain caused by frequent alcohol intake or alcoholism, most probably by activating gamma-amin more...

Knee Osteotomy (tests)

KNEE OSTEOTOMY DEFINITION Knee osteotomy is a procedure that is done to people who suffer from arthritis damage but is below the age of 55 and is too young for a total knee replacement. However, in many cases, those who undergo this surgical procedure also embrace total knee replacement, about more...

Muscle injuries (diseases)

Muscle injuries are a wide range of conditions that can affect the skeletal muscles of the body as a result of external forces. As they facilitate movement, accidents or overuse can cause muscles to be strained, causing them to experience swelling, bruising or even tearing. Muscle injuries vary in severity, more...