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Fosamax, which is generically prescribed as alendronate, is commonly used to treat osteoporosis in post menopausal women. Fosamax is a member of the family of drugs known as biophosphonates, which breaks the cycle of bone mass break down and loss in the b more...

Hernia (diseases)

Hernias occur when a part of the body’s tissues or a portion of an organ starts to protrude out of the membrane lining or muscle which confines it. While hernias are most commonly associated with the abdominal wall, they also appear elsewhere in the body. HERNIA SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS A person’s abdomen more...

Kidney stones (diseases)

Kidney stones can be excruciating. Also known clinically as renal lithiasis, kidney stones have been around for probably as long as mankind, as there is even evidence of this very painful condition as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. Kidney stones can cause debilitating pain, and when a patient experiences more...

Leukemia (diseases)

Leukemia is a group of strictly bone marrow diseases which means the body is producing an uncontrolled increase in white blood cells. There are various types of leukemia including hairy cell leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chronic myelogenous leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia, and acute myelogenous leukemia. LEUKEMIA SYMPTOMS Symptoms may vary but more...