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Cerebrum (anatomy)

CEREBRUM ANATOMY The cerebrum is based in two complex hemispheres segregated into five paired lobes. Responsible for higher brain function, which includes the interpretation and reception of the nerve impulses, initiating voluntary movement, memory, thought processes, and logical reasoning, the cerebrum is also highly involved in emotional response and instinctual response. more...

Delirium tremens (diseases)

Delirium tremens is a short-term episode of delirium and severe form of alcohol withdrawal involving sudden mental and neurological changes in the affected individual. The condition is also known as DT’s, the shakes, rum fits and jitterbugs. DELIRIUM TREMENS DEFINITION Delirium tremens symptoms occur due to the toxic effects of alcohol more...



When you develop a disease known as arthritis, the joints in the affected part of your body become inflamed. This makes movement very painful. People who have arthritis find it very difficult to go about their daily activities because of this crippling co more...

Vertebrates (anatomy)

VERTEBRATES ANATOMY The structure and development of the individual vertebrates are not widely varied throughout the spinal column. The basic structure of the vertebrates includes a drum shaped body which come in contact with the cartilage disks that segregate the vertebrates. At the posterior surface of the body one will find more...