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Arcalion is a brand name for sulbutiamine, and can come in tablet form, gel capsule, or loose powder that many people measure or capsulize for themselves. It is usually taken in the morning, with effects that last all day. more...

Brucellosis (diseases)

Brucellosis is a rare but serious bacterial disease that has been traced back to the people of Ancient Rome, and is still in existence all over the world today. It is passed from animals to humans usually via contaminated cheese, milk, and sometimes meats. While Brucellosis can be treated, relapses more...

Cluster headaches (diseases)

Cluster headaches have been a recognized medical condition for over a hundred years, but it wasn’t until 1956 that this disorder was truly brought to the attention of the medical establishment. There was often confusion in medical research about cluster headaches because they went by several different names and more...

Dizziness (diseases)

Everyone has felt dizziness at one time or another. When you were a kid and you used to spin around in circles until you couldn’t stand it. Or when you ride a roller coaster or the Ferris wheel and you feel lightheaded. Those all give you some kind of dizziness. more...

Effexor XR pills

Effexor XR

Effexor XR, which is generically prescribed as venlafaxine, is commonly used to treat depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. Effexor XR is part of the family of antidepressants known as SSNRIs, or selective serotonin norepinphrine reuptake inhibitors. more...