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Angina pectoris (diseases)

Angina pectoris is severe pain, sometimes described as crushing, which is manifested as a pressure or suffocating feeling just behind the breastbone. This pressure is caused by a lack of oxygen to the heart and is the result of coronary heart disease. Over time, one or more of more...

Ankylosing spondylitis (diseases)

Ankylosing spondylitis is a form of inflammatory arthritis. Typically it attacks the joints that link the vertebrates of the spine and the sacroiliac joints, the joints that link the spine and the pelvis. It has been known to migrate to other parts of the body, including the site of attachment more...

Dandruff (diseases)

Dandruff is a chronic disorder of the scalp that is experienced by many people; in fact as many as 15%-20% of the population. It is not contagious; indeed, it is usually not even serious, but it can be embarrassing and result in low self-esteem and insecurity about your appearance. more...

Fibromyalgia (diseases)

Fibromyalgia, also referred to as FM or FMS, refers to widespread pain in the muscles and connective tissues. This chronic disorder causes a heightened response that can trigger pain even with just a gentle touch, a condition known as tactile allodynia. A person suffering from Fibromyalgia will experience frequent occurrences of more...



Frovatriptan is a prescription medication classified as a triptan, a kind of anti-migraine drugs. It constricts the blood vessels found in the brain to alleviate symptoms of migraine. Frovatriptan is known as Frova in the United States. It is prescribed more...