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Psoriatic arthritis (diseases)

An active lifestyle is the greatest gift of youth. Then again, even young people can be crippled by the effects of rheumatic diseases. Arthritis, for example, commonly occurs in people beyond the age of 55. But there are some cases which involves people from different age groups as well. As we more...



Renova, which is generically prescribed as tretinoin topical, is commonly used to treat the signs of aging of overexposure to the sun such as, fine wrinkles, skin roughness, and blotted discolorations. Renova is not appropriate for everyone. A thorough m more...

Skin diseases (diseases)

There are many varying types of skin disease that can affect a person’s skin, some of which are as simple as a minor irritation while others can cause severe discomfort and even lead to infection and other illnesses. Skin diseases are usually treated by a dermatologist. Many researchers attribute skin more...

Wrinkles (diseases)

Wrinkles are a of aging, and it shows in the epidermis, the skin’s external layer. The epidermis serves as the body’s shield to the environment. It normally contains a considerable amount of epidermal cells known as keratinocytes, which protect the skin from the environment. These cells travel from the lower more...