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Adapin is a psychotropic drug used for patients with psychological disorders, more specifically those who have been diagnosed with depression and slight tendencies of suicidal tendencies. It is a water-soluble compound orally ingestible composed of a main more...

Reflex arc (anatomy)

REFLEX ARC ANATOMY A receptor, a sensory neuron, a motor neuron, The motor neuron’s innervation of the peripheral nervous system, and at least one association neuron from the central nervous system are the ingredients to a conduction passageway of the reflex arc. The reflex arc is ingeniously designed to help keep more...

Sleep disorders (diseases)

Sleep disorders are a broad range of different conditions that involve the sleeping patterns of an individual. Among the commonly cited examples include insomnia, sleep walking or somnambulism and sleep paralysis. They vary in effects but some are serious enough to affect the physical, mental or emotional well-being of an more...

Somatic senses (anatomy)

SOMATIC SENSES ANATOMY The coetaneous receptors and proprioceptors are the hosts of the somatic senses. The level of stimulus combined with the specific density of the receptors is a key factor in determining the level of perception understood by somatic receptors. SOMATIC SENSES STRUCTURE Somatic senses are also sometimes called somesthetic senses. more...