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Herpes zoster (diseases)

Herpes zoster, a viral disease that goes by its more common name, shingles, is preceded by the varicella zoster virus, which causes chickenpox in children and young adults. Despite being a relatively short-lived illness, the chicken pox virus remains in a person's body, appearing as shingles several years after the more...

Lichen planus (diseases)

Lichen planus is most often defined as an oral disease that affects the lining of the mouth with inflammation. Most patients come down with their first case between the age of 45 and 60, although a slowly increasing number of reports dealing with younger patients have trickled in. While lichen more...

Pilex ointment

Pilex ointment

Anybody who has experienced piles will know how much it hurts. This is a condition where blood vessels in the rectum dilate, forming a pile mass also known as hemorrhoids. This makes the process of bowel movement painful and sometimes even bloody. more...

Pinworm (diseases)

Of the many parasitic infestations involving worms, pinworms are the most prevalent form of worm infestation. They affect approximately 200 million people all over the world, one-third of which can be found in the United States. Genus Enterobius or pinworm, is a parasitic roundworm belonging to the phylum Nematoda. It is more...

Psoriasis (diseases)

Psoriasis is chronic and common skin condition that affect the life cycle of the skin cells. Psoriasis leads to significant discomfort of the skin and can attack patients in nearly any age bracket. Psoriasis can range from mild and annoying to very severe and debilitating. It is quite common for more...