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Dermatitis (diseases)

Dermatitis is the result of inflammation and irritation of the skin. While commonly referred to as eczema, dermatitis can occur as many various types of skin irritation and comes from various causes. Dermatitis is not contagious and is not in anyway life threatening. It is an annoyance for most patients. more...

Gonorrhea (diseases)

To the surprise of most patients, gonorrhea is actually one of the most common sexually transmitted disease in the U.S. and is growing in rate of diagnosis annually. Once thought of as a sexually transmitted disease of the past, gonorrhea has become one of the largest health threats to sexually more...

Lyme disease (diseases)

Lyme disease, which is also referred to as Borreliosis, is the result of an infected tick biting a human and passing on the organism which causes Lyme disease. Lyme disease is named for the town of the first cases in 1975, which were discovered in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Lyme disease more...



As a polyene antifungal drug that many types of yeast and molds like Candida spp are sensitive to, nystatin has been known to exude toxicity whenever it is administered intravenously. However, uninjured or intact mucous membranes or skin should not be able more...

Sprains (diseases)

When a ligament connecting two bones together is stretched to the breaking point or torn, a sprain occurs. Ligaments are thick and sturdy tissue made of fibrous material, and they bridge the gap between the bones in the body, effectively holding them together at the joint. Ligaments are in place more...