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Cerebrum (anatomy)

CEREBRUM ANATOMY The cerebrum is based in two complex hemispheres segregated into five paired lobes. Responsible for higher brain function, which includes the interpretation and reception of the nerve impulses, initiating voluntary movement, memory, thought processes, and logical reasoning, the cerebrum is also highly involved in emotional response and instinctual response. more...

Glioblastoma multiforme (diseases)

There are many types of brain tumors. One type is classified as primary brain tumors, which develop within the brain itself, as differentiated from other tumors which spread and multiply from its origins in other parts of the body. GLIOBLASTOMA MULTIFORME DEFINITION Primary brain tumors can either be benign or malignant. The more...

Temporal bones (anatomy)

TEMPORAL BONES ANATOMY There are two temporal bones, each which is constructed of four bone plates, which create the lower sides of the cranium structure. Each temporal bone is held adjacent to the appropriate parietal bone with the squamous suture. TEMPORAL BONES STRUCTURE The flattened plate of bone that forms the side of more...